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About Us


About Us

Foolad Pooshesh Reza Commercial Industrial Group

established with more than 30 years illustrious experience in distribution of the building coverage, in Babakan industrial town of Amol, in 1386.

 Activities of the compony are devided into 4 sections as follows:

Commercial and sale

Galvanized and colorful galvanized sheets

Aluminum sheets

PVC wall coverage

Thermal and cryogenic insulations ( glass and rock wool , foam and… )

All kinds of asbestos pipes and sheets 

Simple and bit automatic pins 

Fiberglass and carton plast etc.



1.Sheet with palermo tile design

2.Sheet with italian tile design

3.Sheet with trapezoidal design

4.Sheet with shadow-line design

5.Sheet with sinusoidal design

6.Sheet with facade design

7.Metallic crowns

8.Bower caps


10.cornice (wick)

11.Front (knock-head)



Conversion all types of coils to sheets up to 2 mm thickness and 1.5 meter width

Cutting all types of steel sheets up to 4 mm thickness 

Deflection all types of front flushing and cornice(wick)

Coloring by electrostatic method

Expert advices

In the field of salon and building coverage, Industrial fridges and false ceiling


Products application

Coastal towns

Administrative buildings

Factories and industrial centers

Conex and roofed pavilion

Stadiums and sport salons

Industrial fridges

Hotels and restaurants

Prefabricated houses


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